We are a wholesale nursery selling to professional landscapers, garden centers, developers and municipalities.


Net 30 days to customers with established credit when balance is current and within credit limit. No orders will be processed until previous year's balance, if any, is paid. Accounts 60 days past due will revert to COD. A service charge of 1.5% monthly will be assessed on all past due invoices. The purchaser agrees to this liability by acceptance of credit terms. Service charges are shown on current monthly statements and are payable within thirty days. The purchaser also agrees to assume all collection and court costs related to any delinquent debt, as outlined in the credit agreement. If you have not established an account with us, please arrange payment prior to shipments. Payment methods include cash or company check, cashier's check, money order, or credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, & Novus) We cannot accept a third-party check or a check written to us by your client. Checks must be drawn on the wholesale customer's account.

Wholesale Policies:

All prices are quoted F.O.8 Green Glen Nursery, Joliet, Illinois. Plants purchased at wholesale prices carry no guarantee. Nursery stock is inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and is certified to be healthy and true to name. No warranty is given, expressed or implied, as to the results secured in planting or transplanting. For any cause, we shall not entertain claims after goods have been accepted without written notification of damage or shortage within 48 hours of delivery or pickup. We assume no responsibility for plants ordered for out-of­season digging. We will dig plants in full leaf at your request, but at your risk. It is the customer's responsibility to provide a tarp or other suitable covering to protect plants from windburn. Please do not forget this important item when making pickups.

Clients of wholesale customers who come without their landscaper to our wholesale division to tag plants will not receive assistance. Our time is severely limited and our staff members are trained in their primary functions which do not include advice to clients of wholesale customers. Please note that our retail garden center is not associated with our wholesale division. Landscapers who send their clients to our retail center for assistance with plant selection will be invoiced at retail prices when the order is processed.

Special Note:

Correspondents are requested to use their business letterhead, either by mail or by fax, to obtain our catalog. We expend every effort to ascertain that trade prices are given only to those whom we know to be entitled to them. Phone quotes to customers unknown to use are at retail pricing only


Please order carefully! There are no cancellations once plant material has been dug for you. We do not accept returns of plant materials ordered in error, in excess of job requirements or materials cancelled by your customer. We will accept return of hard goods provided the material is in saleable condition. There will be a 20% restocking fee to cover our labor costs on any returned material.

Volume Discounts:

Green Glen Nursery offers a volume discount to customers on all invoiced items with the exception of freight, sales tax, or items at net pric­ing. Discount levels are determined by the purchase volume of all eligible material for each customer for the prior year from January 1 to December 31. Discount may be taken at the time of payment, however, volume discounts cannot be taken for any invoice that is not paid in terms. Terms will be printed on each invoice, In the event of dispute, the postmark date will be used to determine timeliness of payment. Dis­counts will not be honored for late payments and that amount will remain on your account as an unpaid item in the event the discount is taken in error. All accounts need to be current to receive any discounts. If your account is overdue, you will lose your discount for the year. Any NSF check will disqualify a discount taken. Each invoice has it's own due date, so lease do not wait for a statement to make payment for invoices. Statements are reference tools only and are sent so that you may make sure you have received all invoices listed. Green Glen reserved the right to cancel or modify the program at any time.