We are a wholesale nursery selling to professional landscapers, garden centers, developers and municipalities.


Volume Discounts

Green Glen Nursery offers a volume discount to customers on all invoiced items with the exception of freight, sales tax, or items at net pric­ing. Discount levels are determined by the purchase volume of all eligible material for each customer for the prior year from January 1 to December 31. Discount may be taken at the time of payment, however, volume discounts cannot be taken for any invoice that is not paid in terms. Terms will be printed on each invoice, In the event of dispute, the postmark date will be used to determine timeliness of payment. Discounts will not be honored for late payments and that amount will remain on your account as an unpaid item in the event the discount is taken in error.

All accounts need to be current to receive any discounts. If your account is overdue, you will lose your discount for the year. Any NSF check will disqualify a discount taken. Each invoice has it's own due date, so lease do not wait for a statement to make payment for invoices. Statements are reference tools only and are sent so that you may make sure you have received all invoices listed. Green Glen reserved the right to cancel or modify the program at any time.

Discount Schedule:
10-20,000 3% 60-90,000 10%
20-40,000 5% 90-120,000 12%
40-60,00 7% 120,000+ 15%